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Gettysburg Gold: Train Escape

After cracking the Confederate cipher in Rebel Recon, intelligence has been pouring in. You receive a transmission that the Rebels plan to ambush a train carrying Union gold headed for Philadelphia. Your mission is to find the train at Gettysburg Station to retrieve the gold before it departs.


Rebel Recon

After two days of intense fighting, the Battle of Gettysburg has come to a boil. You are now behind enemy lines, having infiltrated a Confederate General's quarters. Your mission is to steal the General's battle plans for Day Three before the troops return to town. Our scouts have reported that the troops are en route and will be back in 60 minutes. Can you escape with the stolen plans in time to win the battle?


Spirited Study

Lieutenant Bertran was an accomplished soldier during the Battle of Gettysburg. After the war he made Gettysburg his home, where he lived for 20 years before dying mysteriously. His unscrupulous business partner, Mr. Slade, claimed the rights to Bertran's property through a will that never looked quite right. You have been hired by the descendant's of Lt. Bertran's family to find his true will.