Group / Organization Team Building

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1863 Escape is a great venue for your organization’s team building events in Gettysburg. Whether your group comes from the world of business, schools, churches, sports teams, fraternities / sororities, clubs, or other non-profits 1863 Escape can help host, develop, and accommodate your groups. 

Large groups will need to be separated into smaller groups of 6-12 people, which we do by utilizing multiple show times.

Your group will be challenged in the areas of communication, critical thinking, problem solving, and cooperation. The teams and groups will have the opportunity to work together in a unique environment and experience to truly identify the strengths and potential weaknesses of these individuals and groups.  Check us out if you are looking for team building exercises near Harrisburg, York, Frederick, and Baltimore!

Please contact us at for group and organization inquiries and pricing.


Private Event / PARTY Bookings

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PRIVATE EVENT BOOKINGS: During our regular operating hours, private groups of 8 or less can book one room through the BOOK NOW page of our on-line reservation system. Select the number “8” under participants to see which rooms still have the entire room available.

If desired, we will block off rooms before and after your booking to ensure there are not others finishing a room when you want to start. Private party rates would apply. Please contact us at if you are interested in this option.